Trademasters + Nexia

Combining the best of smart home technology with reliable home services.

Nexia turns your home into a smart network that you can control from your phone.

All of these parts of your house can be controlled with Nexia!

  • Lighting
  • Thermostats
  • Locks
  • Alarm systems
  • Cameras
  • Water shutoff

and much more!

It’s fine-tuned home control at your fingertips.

Aiden, 11, comes home from school…

Nexia is keyed to his smartphone.
As he enters the property, the door automatically unlocks and the lights turn on.
The thermostat turns the heat up from 66 to 72.

Nexia monitors your home for problems and can alert service providers, like Trademasters.

If your HVAC system registers anything unusual, like getting too cold or too hot for too long, Trademasters is notified automatically. That means we can begin fixing the problem before you even know it’s there.

How’s that for fast service?

Todd, an antiques collector, leaves for a 3-week vacation…

The door automatically locks and the security cameras blink on.
While he’s gone, the air conditioner fails. Indoor heat and humidity rise, threatening some fragile antiques.
Nexia immediately notifies Trademasters that service is required.

We do more than just climate control — Trademasters can make the rest of your home smart too.

Our technicians are trained to install a wide range of Nexia components, including security systems, sensors, cameras, door locks, and switches. 

Judy is an independent senior aging at home…

At 8PM, the blinds close and the lights dim for “sleep mode.”
A few doors down, daughter Linda gets an alert when movement is detected on the property, but it’s just a deer in the yard.

Ready to talk to a technician about getting a smart home?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I control my home with Nexia?

Replace existing equipment in your home for Nexia-enabled equipment or install Nexia sensors on existing equipment. For example, Nexia sells sensors to add to your garage door and water valves. For locks, cameras, and light switches, you will need to replace your units with Nexia-enabled ones.

Once installed, all the Nexia components in your home will be synced wirelessly with a central gateway device. When you open the Nexia app on your phone, you’ll find a control panel that will allow you to see and control all the components in your home.

Nexia also integrates with Amazon’s Alexa and Google, so it can be activated by voice control.

How can I get Nexia installed in my home?

Talk to a Trademasters technician. We can help you install Nexia products.

When you let us know you’d like to install Nexia, we’ll survey your home to let you know how many Nexia units (sensors, new units, etc.) you’ll need. We’ll help you figure out your costs upfront, and when you’re happy, we’ll perform the installation for you.

How much will installing Nexia cost me?

There are two parts to Nexia’s pricing: 1) a one-time purchase for smart equipment, along with installation fees, and 2) a monthly subscription fee for using Nexia’s services.

Purchasing Equipment

The total cost depends on how “smart” you want your home to be. Installing a single smart thermostat won’t cost you much, but changing out all your locks and installing sensors on your lights will raise your bill.

Subscription Plans

Nexia’s basic plan is free.

This plan includes up to 4 Trane Comfort Controls and 1 repeater for each Control, free tech support, and free live streaming for unlimited cameras.

If you want more sensors or controls, or want to store security camera footage, Nexia offers paid subscription plans. For a detailed breakdown of pricing tiers, contact us.