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HVAC Repair & Installation Pricing

We use up-front pricing. Each repair is priced specifically in our price book. After a thorough diagnosis of the problem, the technician will quote the repair price for authorization. We do not charge on a time-and-materials basis, so you will know exactly what to expect, even if it takes longer than expected to fix the problem.

For most residential heating and air conditioning and plumbing service calls, we charge a diagnostic fee to come and perform a thorough system diagnostic inspection. Since our repair codes do not include fees for the trip and diagnostic fee, the diagnostic fee is not waived if the work is performed (as it sometimes is when work is performed on a time-and-materials basis). If the technician has to return another day to complete the repair (with a part, for example), you will not be charged an additional diagnostic fee.

Infrequently, some repairs must be made before a complete diagnosis and assessment can be made (for example, power must be restored to a unit before it can be run and tested). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

What do our fees cover?

  • Field Personnel Payroll Expense
  • Payroll Expense of Managers, Office Staff, and Support Personnel
  • Costs of Truck Operation: Maintenance, Insurance, Depreciation, etc.
  • Taxes: Income, Property, Business, Social Security, Unemployment Compensation, Sales, etc.
  • Insurance: Workman’s Compensation, Liability, etc.
  • Tools and Specialized Diagnostic and Installation Equipment
  • Extensive Basic and Specialized Training for Field and Office Personnel
  • Reference and Technical Manuals
  • Expenses for Processing Warranty Service
  • Un-reimbursed Costs for Parts, Material and Labor for Warranty Service
  • Uniforms
  • Office and Shop Maintenance Costs
  • Office Equipment
  • Light, Heat, Phone, and Utilities
  • Employee Fringe Benefits
  • Stationery & Office Supplies
  • Equipment and Tool Maintenance
  • Parts Inventory (Truck & Shop)