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Building Performance

Indoor Air Quality

Every professional needs fresh air, air purification, and air filtration to be able to focus well on the job. We offer filtration systems, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, UV lights, air purification systems, and energy recovery systems to add fresh air more economically. We know that one solution does not fit all. It takes a certain skill set to maximize HVAC efficiency with older building designs, multiple floors, and winding layouts. With 30 years in the industry, we have experience thinking creatively to address every challenge. Please contact us. We can develop solutions that will fit your needs and your budget.


UV Lights

UV lights are devices that produce artificial sunlight or ultraviolet light to kill mold spores and bacteria in your heating and cooling systems. There are two different types of UV light systems. One kills airborne mold and bacteria in the air stream of your heating & AC system. The other kills mold in the condensate drain pan and the fin surface area of the cooling coil. 

Coil mounted UV lights are designed to keep the cooling coil condensate drain pan of your heating & AC system clean and mold free. They are mounted above the cooling coil and bathe the surface area of the coil and the interior of the supply duct with UV light. This is very effective at reducing or eliminating any mold or bacteria growth.  Both types of UV lights need yearly light bulb replacement and occasional cleaning. Other than that, these systems are trouble-free and will remain dependable for years.


Energy Efficiency Audits And Upgrades

As energy costs rise and awareness of the environment increases, it is more important than ever to reduce energy waste and increase the efficiency of your commercial heating and cooling systems.

The average mid-rise building consumes tremendous quantities of energy through its electric and heating systems. These systems are necessary for comfortable, modern living, but did you know that much of the energy that they use is wasted? Wasted energy hurts both your bottom line and the environment.

At Trademasters, we provide comprehensive large-scale residential, commercial, industrial, and government building energy audits designed to identify areas where energy is being wasted, and propose viable solutions to increase energy efficiency, while maintaining maximum climate control and comfort.