Commercial Service Agreements

Commercial Service Agreements 2019-05-29T04:44:49-04:00

We are proven professionals with the skills and expertise to resolve your indoor comfort needs. We offer peace of mind with our competitive commercial Client Care Agreement (CCA). Our Heating/AC, and plumbing service agreements come standard with one spring and one fall inspection, exclusive discounts on repairs, priority scheduling, 24-hour emergency service and more! Keep your equipment running at peak efficiency with regular maintenance to help stop potential problems before they happen.

Personalized Service
Our priority is to ensure your building serves the needs of your organization. Our professional staff evaluates the needs of your facility to form a custom maintenance program to help manage those needs. Our experts can also conduct Performance Evaluations and Energy Audits and suggest ways to optimize climate control for optimal efficiency.

Scheduled Inspections
Our Client Care Agreement includes scheduled inspections which will help keep your equipment running at peak efficiency, increase reliability, and prolong the lifespan of your equipment. We develop checklists in accordance with manufacturer requirements for maintenance, in accordance with industry standards, and considering the specific application of the equipment at your site. We will include all the materials necessary for maintenance, such as gaskets, oils, lubricants and other materials required to perform the inspection tasking procedures.

Corrective Maintenance and Component Replacement Coverage
The main objective of the Client Care Agreement is maintaining your equipment at the optimum peak efficiency. During the course of executing the maintenance tasking procedures, our technicians are trained to identify impending problems and repair them before they cause unplanned downtime. When repairs are necessary, Trademasters technicians will quote a firm price prior to any work being undertaken.

Emergency Services
Trademasters provides a comprehensive service program in order to minimize emergency services. In the event that a problem arises after regular business hours, Trademasters is available to support your emergency needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  At a reduced price, Client Care Agreement clients receive priority dispatch when emergency situations arise.  

We pride ourselves in keeping the health, safety and welfare of your building, your occupants and our employees as part of our core competency. We believe each location requires unique attention to the operating conditions and the requirements of the occupants. Every employee is issued the safety apparel necessary to protect them and is constantly evaluating workplace safety issues.

  • OSHA:  Trademasters is fully Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant. Our management team strives to provide OSHA training for all our technicians.
  • Drug-Free Workplace:  We maintain a professional work environment with career minded people so you can feel comfortable having our employees in your facility.
  • Environmental Management – Refrigerant Containment Service: Trademasters will leak test and report needed repairs of any equipment found low on refrigerant. We will use recovery and reclamation of your refrigerant as per all Federal, State and Local regulatory guidelines.

Support Services
Trademasters has assembled professional and dedicated support team to ensure consistency in the delivery of your maintenance program by ensuring that each member of the technical team is familiar with your facility by establishing effective lines of communication.

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