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Construction, Installation, Abatement and Restoration Services

Construction, Installation, Abatement and Restoration Services


Trademasters Service, Inc. (TMS) is a self-performing, premier contractor, specializing engineering system design, support and administration, energy solutions, construction, engineering studies, feasibility analyses and repair for all types and sizes of buildings. Our staff includes CQM-certified PM’s, admins and estimators. TMS has worked with over 26 Federal agencies and served all branches of the military for over 30 years with a solid reputation and a professionally trained staff which is built around the guiding company principal that we only consider solutions that are win-win-win; they deliver a positive outcome for our coworkers, our clients and the company.

TMS performs construction projects such as design/build, changing offices, combining or splitting them, moving walls, sprinkler heads, doors, building out spaces, carpeting, framing and drywall, roofing repairs, and the installation of systems and finishes of all kinds, and many repairs designed to preserve the historical integrity of the design, such as repairs to matching sections of damaged elevator flooring, repairs to parquet flooring, repairs to wooden doors vents and transoms.  Services provided include but are not limited to;

  • Design/Build
  • System Installation
  • Upgrades, implementing energy saving measures (ECMs) and performing energy projects
  • Disaster Remediation and Restoration
  • Upgrade and implementation of energy saving measures (ECMs) and performing energy projects. See our Building Performance page for more information.
  • Disaster Remediation and Restoratio
    • Diagnosis and repair of initial system failure and cause of disaster
    • Abate and remediate conditions such as mold, fire, flood, freezing
    • Emergency services, disaster restoration,
    • HAZMAT remediation