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The greatest stories in the business world often have surprisingly humble origins. At 17 years old, while working a summer job in the trades, Dave discovered his calling was to open a service company. Following this calling took time and effort with Dave working as often as he could, scraping together every extra dollar and attending business and trades classes at local higher learning institutions. Shortly after his wedding to Beth they founded Trademasters in their home. Their first iteration of Headquarters stood in their small starter home, the first floor of which was a dedicated small office and makeshift warehouse.  Their singular vision for their business was simple: to create the company that they always wanted to work with. In taking that leap, the Kyles began on a path that covered an unexpected spectrum of emotion—elation, pride, anxiety, and at times absolute fear. It was not uncommon for Beth to set their first-born daughter at her feet and bounce her while taking service calls, or to work evenings and weekends while Dave took care of the kids.

Their success in reaching their vision is self-evident; Trademasters celebrates its 30-year milestone with more than 150 coworkers in tow.  Whenever asked to reflect on what most attributed to their longevity, Dave reliably springs to the talents of his co-workers.  “Surrounding ourselves with people who care deeply has made all the difference,” he shares. “We are so grateful to our team, our peers, and the families who support them for their commitment and extraordinary contributions to this incredible industry. The honor of serving our community has always stood behind our ‘Why’, and we look forward to earning our customers’ loyalty time and again.”

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