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Why Choose Us?

Our Mission

Trademasters: Setting the standard with well-respected technical experts, who are dedicated to providing our clients solutions for a safe, healthy, energy efficient and comfortable indoor environment.

What Sets Us Apart

At Trademasters, we will always uphold a high standard of honesty and quality work. Our co-workers are among the very best in the industry – trustworthy and professional technicians who serve every client with the same care and efficiency. Since our initial inception, our longstanding goal has remained providing complete satisfaction. In order to achieve and maintain our standard of excellence, we not only offer the best service, but guarantee points that separate us from the competition.

Up Front Pricing

We use up front pricing from our price book so we will gladly quote you a firm price before the work is performed. You will know what we are charging you before we begin the job.

No Pressure

We will not pressure you into work that you don’t need. We give you options and information to help you make an educated decision.


Our technicians wear protective coverings on their shoes while in your house, so we don’t bring dirt into your home.

Carpet Protectors

During equipment installation, we protect your home from damage by using drop cloths and carpet protectors.


NATE-Certified Technicians

Our technicians are highly trained and certified professionals.  North American Technician Excellence, Inc. (NATE) is the leading HVAC/R certification program and is the only test supported certification program by the entire industry.

Professional Technicians

We employ master tradesmen and have an in-house apprenticeship program that helps our technicians constantly stay at the forefront of our industry.


We check all safety controls and test for carbon monoxide.

Always Available

We have a full-time office staff to answer calls during normal business hours (7 AM – 5 PM) , and we have a live after-hours answering service to take your calls in the event of an emergency.


Emergency Services

We have technicians on-call 24/7, ready to help our customers anytime an emergency arises.

Commercial, Residential & Government

We install, service, and maintain Commercial, Residential and Government equipment so we can help you at your home and at your office.


New Equipment and Parts

We only sell new equipment and we only install new equipment or parts.  We offer the very best and most modern solutions.

Full-Time Employees

We employ technicians year-round, not just during the busy season. Our technicians are well paid, trained, and motivated. They are not rushed to finish one job to move onto the next.


Registered Manufacturer Warranties

We register manufacturer warranties. Not only do we stand behind our work, but you have the equipment manufacturer standing behind their equipment too.

Drug Tests and Background Checks

We perform pre-employment and random drug testing.  We perform background and driving record checks. We maintain a professional work environment with career minded people so you can feel comfortable having our employees in your home.



We secure the necessary permits required for your job so there will never be a question as to if it was done illegally or “to code.” County or City inspectors ensure that our work is correctly installed.



We are licensed in all jurisdictions we serve.


We carry general liability, vehicle insurance, and workers compensation insurance.

Referral-Based Company

A majority of our business comes from “word-of-mouth.” We are motivated to do a good job so you will be motivated to recommend us to your friends, neighbors, and family.

Manufacturer Training

We go to manufacturer product training seminars to learn about the latest products we sell to keep abreast of the latest technology. We can help you choose the options that are right for you.