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Facility Services

Facilities Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Services



  • Maintenance Agreements
  • System design, repairs, installation, and accessories
  • High efficiency: dual fuel, hybrid heat systems, geothermal systems and loops
  • Integrating ductless with conventional ducted systems
  • Routine filter changes, thermostat season setup
  • Venting and flue
  • Solar
  • Photo voltaic (PV)
  • Geothermal equipment and loops
  • Variable refrigerant volume (VRV)


  • Plumbing inspections (current service)
  • Plumbing renovations, upgrades, repairs, maintenance
  • Bathroom: showers, toilets, urinals vanities, fixtures
  • Utility supply, install and repair: water mains, sewers, piping systems, gas piping, oil tanks, propane, etc.
  • Water Heaters, Jacuzzis and other plumbing systems

Electrical Services

  • Adding and replacement of attic fans, ceiling fans, light fixtures
  • Generators
  • Surge protection
  • Interior and exterior lighting and lamping
  • LED upgrades

Safety, Indoor Air and Water Quality, Tenant Environment

  • Combustion analysis and Carbon Monoxide testing
  • Fresh air and CO2
  • Domestic water testing and filtration
  • Lighting levels
  • Humidity levels
  • Air filtration and air purification
  • Radon ventilation systems


  • Locks, cameras, water shut off
  • Fire alarm and suppression services
  • Keyless entry


  • Appliances: upgrade, install, remove, reconfigure
  • Space organization, shelves, storage
  • Home automation: operation of appliances, lighting and HVAC, programmable thermostats, controls
  • Design/build
  • Energy projects
  • Space reconfiguration
  • On-demand project support
  • Engineering, and architectural services
  • No new construction, we specialize in working in occupied buildings and making older homes and buildings better: safer, more efficient, better suited to meet the occupant needs, and comfortable.

Exterior Architectural and Structural

  • Windows, doors, decks, siding, sunrooms, etc.
  • Rollup doors, automated openers
  • Property drainage
  • Features: retaining walls, drainage systems, ponds, pools, spas, water features, patios, decking, flagpole

Interior Finishes

  • Drywall, painting
  • Flooring, carpet, tile
  • Upgrades: popcorn ceiling, paneling, drop ceiling
  • Gas fireplaces

Pest Control

  • Routine treatment
  • Access controls
  • Varmint removal and relocation

Safety and Accessibility

  • Sidewalk, driveway, ramps, paving, concrete
  • Conveyance systems and lifts, ADA bathroom modifications
  • Alarms, monitoring services
  • Fire alarm & suppression systems, extinguishers


  • Lawn: mowing, sod, treatment, restoration
  • Plants: trimming, replacement, treatment, feeding, landscaping
  • Mulching, weeding, planting
  • Snow removal

Custodial Specialty Cleaning

Delivery and Removal Services (Hauling)

  • Clean out storage areas (garages, attic, workshop), removing debris, sorting, proper disposal
  • Delivery and installation of appliances
  • Deliver and assemble furniture



Facility Management and Planning

This category includes administrative tasks and reports that are used to run a facility, such as analyzing building performance for efficiency or asset management for capital improvement budgeting.

  • Management and planning
  • Developing and implementing maintenance plans
  • Maintaining systems
  • Maintain a list of appliances (make/model and serial numbers, age, and condition)
  • Records of PM and repair history.
  • Equipment/system lifecycle budget analysis
  • Recommendation timelines for major systems.
  • Conservation, efficiency, renewable energy and high-efficiency system recommendations
  • Analyze trends (i.e. utility, repair and equipment failure)