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Facility Services

Facilities Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Services


Trademasters Service, Inc. (TMS) is a self-performing, premier contractor, specializing in building operations, facilities management, facilities engineering, engineering system design, support and administration, energy solutions, construction, engineering studies, feasibility analyses and repair for all types and sizes of buildings. Unlike many contractors in our field, TMS is an actual hands-on, self-performing business. We have a proven, successful working relationship with the federal government. Our management personnel visit our sites and are always available to meet with government contracting representatives to discuss any aspects of the contract and to personally oversee our project quality control programs.

Trademasters take safety seriously, and our superintendents and PMs have OSHA certifications. We have full-time CQM-certified project managers and estimators, a fleet of over 30 service and installation vehicles, licensed and certified tradespeople on staff, a professional administrative staff and a 20,000–square-foot facility. This allows us the ability to provide additional resources, including tradesmen and administrators on staff, tools and equipment. We also have established relationships with vendors and subcontractors, to help support and augment the efforts on our contracts. Our streamlined processes and 24/7 call center give us the ability to mobilize quickly, because of this many sites call us first when emergencies arise.

Services provided include but are not limited to;


  • Maintenance Agreements
  • System design, repairs, installation, and accessories
  • High efficiency: dual fuel, hybrid heat systems, geothermal systems and loops
  • Integrating ductless with conventional ducted systems
  • Routine filter changes, thermostat season setup
  • Venting and flue
  • Solar
  • Photo voltaic (PV)
  • Geothermal equipment and loops
  • Variable refrigerant volume (VRV)


  • Plumbing inspections (current service)
  • Plumbing renovations, upgrades, repairs, maintenance
  • Bathroom: showers, toilets, urinals vanities, fixtures
  • Utility supply, install and repair: water mains, sewers, piping systems, gas piping, oil tanks, propane, etc.
  • Water Heaters, Jacuzzis and other plumbing systems

Electrical Services

  • Adding and replacement of attic fans, ceiling fans, light fixtures
  • Generators
  • Surge protection
  • Interior and exterior lighting and lamping
  • LED upgrades

Safety, Indoor Air and Water Quality, Tenant Environment

  • Combustion analysis and Carbon Monoxide testing
  • Fresh air and CO2
  • Domestic water testing and filtration
  • Lighting levels
  • Humidity levels
  • Air filtration and air purification
  • Radon ventilation systems


  • Locks, cameras, water shut off
  • Fire alarm and suppression services
  • Keyless entry


  • Appliances: upgrade, install, remove, reconfigure
  • Space organization, shelves, storage
  • Home automation: operation of appliances, lighting and HVAC, programmable thermostats, controls
  • Design/build
  • Energy projects
  • Space reconfiguration
  • On-demand project support
  • Engineering, and architectural services
  • No new construction, we specialize in working in occupied buildings and making older homes and buildings better: safer, more efficient, better suited to meet the occupant needs, and comfortable.

Exterior Architectural and Structural

  • Windows, doors, decks, siding, sunrooms, etc.
  • Rollup doors, automated openers
  • Property drainage
  • Features: retaining walls, drainage systems, ponds, pools, spas, water features, patios, decking, flagpole

Interior Finishes

  • Drywall, painting
  • Flooring, carpet, tile
  • Upgrades: popcorn ceiling, paneling, drop ceiling
  • Gas fireplaces

Pest Control

  • Routine treatment
  • Access controls
  • Varmint removal and relocation

Safety and Accessibility

  • Sidewalk, driveway, ramps, paving, concrete
  • Conveyance systems and lifts, ADA bathroom modifications
  • Alarms, monitoring services
  • Fire alarm & suppression systems, extinguishers


  • Lawn: mowing, sod, treatment, restoration
  • Plants: trimming, replacement, treatment, feeding, landscaping
  • Mulching, weeding, planting
  • Snow removal

Custodial Specialty Cleaning

Delivery and Removal Services (Hauling)

  • Clean out storage areas (garages, attic, workshop), removing debris, sorting, proper disposal
  • Delivery and installation of appliances
  • Deliver and assemble furniture



Facility Management and Planning

This category includes administrative tasks and reports that are used to run a facility, such as analyzing building performance for efficiency or asset management for capital improvement budgeting.

  • Management and planning
  • Developing and implementing maintenance plans
  • Maintaining systems
  • Maintain a list of appliances (make/model and serial numbers, age, and condition)
  • Records of PM and repair history.
  • Equipment/system lifecycle budget analysis
  • Recommendation timelines for major systems.
  • Conservation, efficiency, renewable energy and high-efficiency system recommendations
  • Analyze trends (i.e. utility, repair and equipment failure)