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Energy Efficiency Audits

Start saving money, energy, and the environment

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Energy reduction can amount to as much as 40%.

As energy costs rise and awareness of the environment increases, it is more important than ever to reduce energy waste and increase efficiency in your commercial heating and cooling systems.

The average mid-rise building consumes tremendous amounts of energy through its electric, heating, and cooling systems. These systems are necessary for comfortable modern living, but did you know that much of the energy used in these systems is wasted? Wasted energy is detrimental to both your bottom line and the environment.

At Trademasters, we provide comprehensive large-scale commercial, industrial, and government building energy audits designed to identify areas in your HVAC system where energy is being wasted. Using this information, we propose viable solutions to increase energy efficiency, while maintaining maximum climate control and comfort.

The energy audit includes an assessment of the building’s existing air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems and their output. The building structure is evaluated to find areas where energy loss occurs. Once problem areas have been identified, we will create a detailed report that outlines issues; compares results with industry and regional standards, and offers solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. Often any expense involved in assessing and correcting energy efficiency problems can be recouped in a short time through reduced energy expenses.