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Why is Our HVAC Unit Not Working?

A Mouse or Rat's nest..Very Bad

A Snake On a Trane HVAC Unit..that will shut it down.

Deck Sealer Sprayed on Outside Exchanger

Deck Sealer

ODU With Plant Overgrowth Stopping Air flow

ODU With Overgrowth Growing Into the Cooling Coils

Dirty Outdoor Coils Reduces Efficiency and Costs Money

Return Ducts folded over blocking air flow

Forward Duct

No air flow into room

Dirty filters are bad for your health and increase HVAC costs

Air filters must be changes at regular intervals

House full of dirty filters

Commercial Double Coil Blocking Air Flow.

You cannot see blockage from outside coil..must take apart.

Commercial Double Coil Taken Apart – clogged

A Stinky Situation Needing Fixed ASAP

A stinky situation…