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Once the cooler weather settles in, many people begin to notice that the air in their homes feels dry and uncomfortable. This is especially true if they have forced-air heat, such as a furnace that warms the air and sends it throughout the home’s ductwork. With a system like this, dried-out air is especially common, but there is a remedy – whole-home humidification.

Most people are familiar with the small humidifiers that can do a pretty good job of keeping the air in a small area of the home moist. But for people who experience particularly dry air in their homes, whole-home humidification may be a better choice. Installed by your HVAC professional, this system works in conjunction with your heating system to keep your entire house humidified.

How does a whole-home humidifier work?

Unlike portable or room units, this type of humidification system is installed directly in the ductwork to work with your furnace’s output. As the heated air from the furnace passes through the humidifier, the air that will move throughout your home is moisturized. In the winter months, when dry air can be a problem, a whole-home humidifier can help your home’s air feel warmer – and you and your family stay more comfortable. 

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What are some reasons I should consider whole-home humidification?

If you’d like to get the dry air in your home in check and enjoy better home comfort, whole-home humidification may be right for you. Here are five ways this type of humidification system can help you stay more comfortable:

  1. Whole-home humidification increases the moisture levels throughout your whole house. As the name implies, this type of system works directly with your comfort system and your ductwork, delivering humidified air through your entire house. No matter what part of the house you’re in, you’ll enjoy better air quality.
  1. And, it keeps static cling at bay. In the cooler months, we all know what it’s like to experience static cling. With whole-home humidification, you won’t have to worry about your fabrics sticking together, flyaway hair, or those inconvenient little zaps you can get from static electricity!
  1. Your skin will feel healthier. When the cooler weather comes, many people rely on forced-air heating systems in their homes to stay warm. An unfortunate side-effect is that the air in your home gets dried out. And that can mean your skin gets flaky and itchy, too. A whole-home humidifier will ensure that moisturized air reaches you – no matter what nook or cranny of your house you’re in!
  1. It can help with itchy eyes and noses, too. As mentioned above; dry, heated air can cause your skin to dry out, and along with that your eyes and nose too. Itchy, watery eyes are uncomfortable, and when your nasal passages dry out, you can be in for a round of sniffling and sneezing. Humidified air helps to prevent that.
  1. Your wood floors and furniture will appreciate whole-home humidification. Just like your skin, wood needs moisture to retain its beauty. If they get too dry, wood floors and furniture can lose their luster at best, or split and crack at worst. Whole-home humidification will help your floors and furniture get the moisture they need.

Can Trademasters help me get whole-home humidification?

We can! You can count on us to help you get a whole-home humidifier that’s just right for the needs of your home, as well as your family. Our highly-trained, NATE-certified technicians can install your whole-home humidifier efficiently, so you’ll be enjoying better air quality in no time.

Simply give us a call at 703.644.6400, and we’ll be more than happy to help you!

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