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Save Energy in Your Home This Spring with These Tips

When spring arrives, you know warmer days are on their way, too. For many homeowners, that can mean an increase in energy bills. Air conditioning systems, like any other type of complex machinery, require energy in order to operate. That’s why it’s important to look at your home energy use as a whole. 

Below, we’ll share some tips on steps you can take to save energy this spring, and all year through. While they may seem like small steps toward energy conservation, when you add them up, they can make a big impact. The best part? Most of these steps have little to no cost to you as a homeowner, so what you may save on your utility bills can go right into your pocket!

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7 Ways You Can Start Saving Energy This Spring

  1. Change out your old incandescent light bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs. LED and CFL bulbs are a bit more expensive, but make up for it in energy savings and how long they last – often many years longer than their incandescent counterparts. 
  1. Use ceiling fans to your advantage. Reverse your ceiling fan to the counterclockwise direction in warmer weather. This pushes air down and helps to create a cool breeze in your living space. Your air conditioning system won’t have to run as much to keep you and your family comfortable, saving you energy. 
  1. Check your insulation levels. Most people realize that having proper insulation keeps their home warmer in the winter, but it can also help keep your home cooler during the warmer months. By keeping the heat outside where it belongs, your AC won’t have to work as hard. 
  1. Make some changes on laundry day. Washing your clothes on “cold” can help save a lot of energy when doing your laundry, and if the outdoor weather is nice, consider line-drying your wash outside. Not only will it help save energy, but your laundry will smell great, too! 
  1. Unplug chargers and small appliances when not in use. While this energy-saving tip can help year-round, why not start fresh in the spring by making it a habit? Chargers and small appliances like electric can openers and toasters still sap energy when not in use – and even though it’s a small amount, it can really add up. 
  1. Take advantage of your outdoor grill. Cooking out not only gives you some delicious new menu options, it also helps save energy. Operating your stove or oven adds heat to your home, making your air conditioning system have to work harder. 
  1. Maintain your home comfort equipment. Getting annual preventive maintenance for your HVAC equipment helps it operate more effectively and efficiently, and that helps you save on energy in your home. If you haven’t already, call Trademasters to schedule your spring AC maintenance today! 

Trademasters can help you save energy in your home – learn more! 

At Trademasters, we always want our customers to enjoy the best possible home comfort, all while saving energy. If you need new home comfort equipment, we can help you get cooling and heating that provides energy efficiency and great comfort. And, we can help ensure that your current HVAC equipment is operating properly by providing you with expert maintenance for your cooling and heating systems.

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