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We Made the Inc. 5000 List! Trademasters Ranks Among America’s Fastest-Growing Companies in 2018

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Our profile: Trademasters ranks #3009 on the Inc. 5000 list

What Is The Inc. 5000 List?

The Inc. 5000 list recognizes the fastest-growing companies in America from the past 3 years. Making this list is considered a significant honor. Trademasters earned a place at rank #3009, placing us firmly among America’s entrepreneurial successes.
Businesses of any size can win a place on the list, a unique opportunity for small- to medium-sized businesses to receive national recognition. In contrast to the Fortune 500 list, which ranks companies by size, Inc. 5000 ranks companies by overall revenue growth. This means that companies with any number of employees or any size revenue stream can apply for recognition.

Trademasters Meets All Inc. 5000 Criteria

The minimum criteria for making the list are:

  • Have generated revenue by March 31, 2014;
  • Have generated at least $100,000 in revenue in 2014;
  • Have generated at least $2 million in revenue in 2017;
  • Be an independent and privately held company, based in the US.

Company rankings are determined by their growth rates relative to other companies’, so being on the list always means being ahead of the pack. This year, the 5000th company had revenue growth of 57%. Trademasters well exceeded this number, registering growth of 134% over the past 3 years.

Driving Growth By Building Up People

Trademasters’ growth comes from two main drivers: founder Dave Kyle’s exceptional focus on building up people just as much as his business, and his ability to find and deliver on contracts even during the most difficult of times, like the Great Recession.

Early on, Kyle made a point of prioritizing people over business promotion, believing that high standards of quality work would eventually speak for themselves. Money that other companies might spend on marketing went instead into technician training and acquiring leading certifications. This laid a firmer foundation for long-term success. Kyle also focused on treating Trademasters colleagues as employees rather than coworkers, encouraging a shared sense of ownership and investment in the company.

These decisions paid off. In addition to making the Inc. 5000 list, Trademasters was awarded 2018 ACCA Commercial Contractor of the Year, an industry-specific award for the indoor environment industry. Virginia’s Small Business Administration (SBA) also named Dave Kyle 2018 Small Business Person of the Year for Northern Virginia and the State of Virginia. All of these awards recognize exceptional business growth and innovation. The SBA award also considers personal factors such as a business leader’s response to adversity and personal contribution to community projects.

Trademasters is honored to be the recipient of these awards. We will keep on building our relationships with our clients and contractors who have been with us so far, and we aren’t planning on going anywhere! If all goes well, we’ll be making the Inc. 5000 again.

See our profile on the Inc. 5000 list here.

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